Glyphs App Crashes after adding component (817)

Sometimes it just crashes immediately after adding a component.

Please send all crash reports.

Still keeps happening Version 2.2.2 (824), OS X 10.10

Did you send the crash report? You can ignore the report that pops up right after the crash. But please send the one that come up after you restart the app.

I’m sending crash reports still happening (827)

Can you reproduce it?

It happens sometimes and sometimes not, I can’t figure out yet exactly what causes it… might considering screenrecording a day of work to see when it happens.

I can’t find any consistent reason why this happens and it’s very frustrating…

can you try the latest cutting edge version?

Yes already Version 2.3b (837).

Only thing I can offer is that when it happens and crashes and then I reopen Glyphs (where it restores the previously open file) and try to repeat the previous action it always crashes. I have to reopen Glyphs, close Glyphs, then reopen and I can usually do that same action fine.