Glyphs app is unusable when loading from Drive

My harddrive is connected to Google Drive, always syncing my files.

After the last update, I get this constant warning. I click “Keep” but it pops back up after 1 second.
“Don’t ask again” does not work either.

Screen Shot 2023-01-26 at 14.38.59

FWIW, I have had endless problems with Google Drive on macOS. Multiple times a day it suddenly decides to re-check all my hundreds of thousands of files, bringing my CPU to its knees, and there’s no way to throttle it. If I try to move or delete any large number of files, often some of the files start appearing in the root GD folder, creating a huge mess that’s incredibly tedious to clean up.

I recently pulled the plug on Google Drive and switched to Backblaze. I still use GD sometimes if I need to share files.

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I fixe the “Don’t show again” to actually work.