Glyphs crash while exporting font with 4 masters

Glyphs 3, build 3.2 (3175)
MacOS Ventura 13.1

When I try to export this font with 4 masters it crashes most of the time, when it does not crash it will not export at all. There is no warning so I do not know what to repair. The crash log gives the following message, unfortunatly I cannot understand what it means.

Thu Jan 26 11:56:47 2023
 -[__NSArrayI_Transfer isUndoRegistrationEnabled]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7f862e43aee0

Can someone help me please. Thank you

Can you send me that .glyphs file?

Thank you Georg, I just send you the file.

The file works fine for me.

Can you send some Crash reports and then post a note here. That way I can better find the crash reports.

Sorry Georg, for my stupid question, but do I need to make new crash reports or are they stored somewhere on my computer?

The easiest is to make new crashes. And send the report with the dialog that comes up when you restart Glyphs. Add your name and a note that I can connect it to this forum thread.

That’s something I already did the last couple of days, just send you another one.

This is from the most recent crash.
Georg, here is another crash report. I just disabled all the plugins by using the Option+Shift keys while startup Glyphs. Without working on the document I export the file and it crashed.

I work on a MacBookPro, Ventura 13.1. Glyphs version 3.2 (3176).

I think I fixed it.

That sounds great. May I ask what you did?

There was a multi threading problem.

Sounds serious, but sorry I do not know what it means. Can you point me to a solution to fix it? Has it to do with setting up the instances, or with the masters?

The new version that I just uploaded should fix the problem. At least it should. If not, I need to search further.

Hi Georg, did you sent the files to my e-mail or can I find the files somewhere else?

Or did you mean with the new version by any change a new version of Glyphs? Nr. 3177?

With this new version there are no crashes anymore. Thanks a lot for your help.

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