Glyphs crashes about every 30 seconds or so

I’ve read that some people experienced this problem while trying to do an export or something. But for me, not matter what I’m doing, Glyphs crashes over and over. Sometimes while kerning, sometimes just randomly, sometimes while typing in the tester mode, etc. It’s extremely annoying. maybe it’s because I’ve got just 5 days left on my trial?

What version do you have?

I downloaded the trial version (full not mini) about 25 days ago from the site, so I imagine it’s the latest.

Any outdated plugins installed?
Make sure you Glyphs > Check for Updates right away.
And make sure you send the crash reports that appear when you restart the app (the one that has a Glyphs logo in the top left).

Thanks guys! I am updating right now, hopefully that does the trick!

Well it keeps shutting down before the update is even complete, so I will keep trying.

Just download the app again from the website.