Glyphs crashes at exporting color font

I have a color font with 4 layers and lots of nodes, so I’m exporting it as TTF with Disable Subroutines on.

There was no problem at exporting 3 layers fonts, but somehow with this particular font with an extra (very simple) layer exporting takes lots of time and eventually make Glyphs crash.

Is there any way to solve it or exporting color TTF fonts outside Glyphs?

Thanks in advance

Can you send me that file? It is probably quicke to fix Glyphs.

I sent you by message

The Fallback layer has all the components from all the other layers. That means there are a lot duplicates. In Font View, select all and run “Glyph > Create Composite”. And check the “_bola_grande” in Fallback, and remove all but one of the tree circles. Doing so makes the font export port for me.

It works. Knowing it’s a duplicates problem I hope I can handle it in the rest of fonts (with different layers).