Glyphs crashes at opening

I was just working in Glyphs, and suddenly it crashed. Since then, it crashes the second I open it. I restarted my computer and uninstalled/reinstalled Glyphs.

I have the same problem with InDesign, but I can open it once when I reinstall it (I’m telling that in case it rings a bell regarding the source of the problem).

Bonjour Hotbread, what version of Glyphs are you running? Can you open Glyphs with plugins disabled (hold option+shift when launching)?

Hahahaha, thanks for the answer! I just tried opening with option+shigt held when launching and it worked, I didn’t know about that, thank you. And now it seems to work just fine

Okay, that means that a plugin is causing a crash. Can you remove plugins from the plugin folder one by one and thus test which one is causing the crash?

You can find the plugin folder next to the Scripts folder which you can easily open by going to Script > Open Scripts Folder in Glyphs.

Sorry for the late answer,

Weirdly, I can still open Glyphs without any problem even though I didn’t uninstall any plugin I had. Everything now works just fine, I’m not sure what caused the crash few days ago.