Glyphs crashes when Export

When I export all instances at once to otf, Glyphs crashes. If I generate instances and then export each one separately, everything works. I have attached the error report to the message.

report.txt (59.9 KB)

Please send the crash report from the window that comes up when you restart the app. Send several and add a note to point to this thread. Thanks.

Thank you.

I could reproduce it once. But since then it works fine ;(

I see.
What does the error report say?

As far as I can tell it crashed trying to display something in a window, which is not necessarily related to your font. Does it still crash for you on second try?

Closed all the tabs. Yeah, it’s still crashing. I export the same font on another computer - everything is ok. Resent the report.

The last crash you send was caused by the Letterink plugin.

I should probably remove it. How do I do that without leaving a trace? I can’t find it.

It is in the Plugin folder. Script menu > Show Script Folder will open a finder window that contains the plugins folder.

Thanks! Uninstalled Lettering and everything was fine!