Glyphs Crashing after installing some plugins


my Glyphs App won’t open after I installed some plugins, I have tried to contact the Glyphs team to allow me to reinstall the software but have had no response.

I’d like to reinstall glyphs and start from scratch.

could someone please help



Some plugins still need updates because of changed in python and macOS. We are on it. What version of Glyphs and macOS do you have. And what plugins do you have trouble with?

You would not need to contact us for reinstalling Glyphs, just redownload from the Get Glyphs page. But you probably do not need to reinstall, just start without plug-ins or delete some prefs. See the Crashes tutorial for what you can do.

I do not remember a message from you on any other channel. Though for support, the forum is still the best platform anyway.