Glyphs crashing with custom CALT features

I’m trying some custom CALT features for a font and I compile it ok but for some reason whenever I go to the preview and activate it Glyph crashes. If I delete the features, it works back again:

heres my code:

lookup oConnection {
sub @Otopconnection@lcconnected by @Obottomconnection;
sub @otopconnection@lcconnected by @obottomconnection;
} oConnection;

lookup isolated {
sub [@normal.isolated] by @isolated;
ignore sub @AllGlyphs @normal.isolated@Punctuation;
ignore sub @normal.isolated@AllGlyphs;
sub @Punctuation @normal.isolated@Punctuation by @isolated;
sub @normal.isolated@Punctuation by @isolated;
} isolated;

lookup begin {
ignore sub @AllGlyphs @normal.begin’;
sub @normal.begin’ by @begin;
} begin;

lookup end {
ignore sub @normal.end’ [@Uppercase @Lowercase];
sub @normal.end@Punctuation by @end;
sub @normal.end’ by @end;
} end;

All classes are ok.

can you send me the .glyphs file?