Glyphs Data file errors?

While setting up anchored accents I’ve been having some problems getting a couple of them to work. Most of the time it’s my error (typos), but some I could not make work so looked into the GlyphData.xml file.

These two appear to have errors in the Description name; is it important that they be named correctly?

<glyph unicode="013B" name="Lcommaaccent" decompose="L, commaaccent" category="Letter" subCategory="Uppercase" script="latin" description="LATIN CAPITAL LETTER L WITH CEDILLA" />
<glyph unicode="013C" name="lcommaaccent" decompose="l, commaaccent" category="Letter" subCategory="Lowercase" script="latin" description="LATIN SMALL LETTER L WITH CEDILLA" />


The description comes from the official Unicode.txt. It is indeed misleading and could be considered wrong. But the description is not used anywhere, so this should not cause any problems.

OK, thanks.