Glyphs deletes instance user data

Glyphs seems to be deleting instance userData whenever it opens an existing font project.

I tested with Glyphs 3.1 (3133) and 3.1.1 (3140) in safe mode and with various projects. I ran the code below, saved the font project, and confirmed that the user data was saved by opening the project file in a text editor and searching for it. But as soon as I reopen the project in Glyphs, the user data is gone. I can’t access it via the Python API and if I save the project again I can confirm that the user data is not longer in the file. This doesn’t seem to be an issue the first time a new font project is reopened, but it seems to happen on all subsequent opens.

Here’s a screen recording.

This userData deletion bug is quite urgent for my project. Can this be fixed?

firstInstance = Glyphs.font.instances[0]

print( firstInstance.userData['myCustomKey'] )
firstInstance.userData['myCustomKey'] = "ABCXYZ"
print( firstInstance.userData['myCustomKey'] )

Single Glyph Project.glyphs (857 Bytes)

Thanks for the report. I fixed it.

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Best news of the day! Thanks, @GeorgSeifert!

This should work in the latest cutting-edge release.

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Thanks, Florian. I can confirm that it seems to be working. Any idea when this version will be released? It looks like it’s a release candidate, so I’m hoping quite soon.

We plan to release it any day. It should be fine to use already. So you don’t need to wait for the full release.

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