Glyphs doesn't autogenerate .salt feature

Hi! I’m making an icon font based around ligatures (ex. sub b i c y c l e by bicycle;) and I’m trying to make stylistic sets for the icons. I made ss.01 versions of the icons, but when updating Features it doesn’t generate .salt? It works in Dinamo Font Gauntlet, but I need Adobe functionality.

If it works in Font Gauntlet, are you sure you are testing the correct version of the font in your Adobe app?

Pretty sure. I export to my Adobe fonts folder, so the file should be up to date. The problem is that Adobe apps dont support stylistic sets, only stylistic alternates. Glyphs has a features where it auto generates .salt from .ss01 for Adobe functionality.

Sorry! :joy: I had a stray version installed locally. Works now. Thanks!

What? I don’t think so, what Adobe app are you testing in?

Or do the stylistic sets now work that you have the correct version installed?

I think I had it wrong. I dug through some old threads for a solution and came across this:

They work now. Thanks!

The latest version of Illustrator does support Stylistic Sets.

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