Glyphs doesn't read my custom groups.plist any more?


until recently my custom groups.list content showed up in the Glyphs sidebar, but I noticed it recently fails to load — without having made any changes to the file.

Also using $ plutil groups.list gives me syntax errors — was this some kind of custom implementation up until now?

What has changed in regard to this recently in Version 2.5.1 (1141), if anything?


If plutil(1) is showing syntax errors, then there’s likely an issue in the Groups.plist file. Also, you mentioned groups.list. If that’s the filename you’re using, then it’s wrong. At the moment, the Groups.plist file also needs to be in the directory: ~/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Info/

Pay attention to the Things to Consider section of:

I’d guess that there’s a small typo in the file, though I don’t know why it might have worked and then stopped. Without seeing the file, it’s difficult to determine the actual issue.

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I renamed it to Groups.plist. Also I removed block by block and found one of my coverage sections was missing a comma… how it came to miss that I have not the slightest clue.

What’s odd is that plutil shows the error at the first sign; since I hadn’t consciously changed anything in that file I was a bit baffled, but some random mishap here I guess.


If you use Textmate with the right file type settings, missing commas as mostly marked red.