Glyphs Error with exporting font with colour, also kerning issue with color layer

Issue 1: For some reason there is an issue when I work with colour for my font. I finished all my letters without introducing colour, and it types perfectly, but when I add colors in separate layers some letters type individually, but they do not connect correctly or dont type at all. Also the ones that do type the kerning changes automatically on its own.

Issue 2: The second issue is when I try to export my font to illustrator without colour it works fine, but when I try to export with colour it does not show up in colour.

Issue 3: And in illustrator my font shows up with little mistakes when I type, but when I print it on paper it prints clean and as it should be. I checked my craft and its clean there are no extra lines or overlap. But on screen there are extra black spots

I need more information in order to help you.

Where, in which app? How do you test and install the font?

I do not understand ‘kerning changes automatically on its own’. Can you describe what happens where exactly? Or upload a screencast?

How do you ‘export to Illustrator? Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

Which color format are you using, sbix, SVG or CPAL/COLR? Not every app supports every color format. Illustrator 2018 and later only supported SVG and to some extent, also sbix. See here: Color Fonts - Get ready for the revolution!

Rendering artefacts can happen. Can you post a screenshot?