Glyphs Export Script & duplicate nodes bug

Hey there,

Recently I was facing some issues when round-tripping between Glyphs and Fontlab.
After creating a File in Glyphs (for demonstration purposes here is one with a circle in there) I imported the file into Fontlab Studio 5.1.4 using version 0.6 of the Glyphs Import script and saved it as a vfb.

After exporting it with Glyphs Export 0.8 I opened the file in Glyphs 2.4.1 and found a lot of duplicate points when the outline starts with a curve. I remember the Glyphs Export Script not producing such unnecessary points, why is this happening now?

This is how Fontlab stores nodes. Before, the script fixed that automatically, but that would mess up the indexes of the hints. So I removed it.

But if there isn’t any hinting in the font, it would work fine?

You can run Paths > Tidy up Paths (Cmd-Opt-Shift-T) on all glyphs in one go.

Yes, I know. I would prefer to fight the cause instead of the symptom though :wink:

Well, the script is open source and you can adapt it to your needs anytime.

I changed the script. I can’t test it as FLS can’t be activated on macOS 10.12.

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Thanks Georg, I will give it a spin and report back once I tested it!