Glyphs File Specific List Filters

I think this would be a useful feature. Many of my list filters now are only specific to projects.

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In my opinion this would go too far. But I’d find it usefull to have a possibility to group filters in a kind of directory or tree structure in the sidebar.

Ah yes, that’s been suggested before too

I’d keep the filters file-stored too, rather than app stored.

Though some of the lists I create may be for a single typeface, many of them can apply to multiple designs. Personally, I’m fine with having the list filters at the app level, available to all .glyphs files. Being able to group them will help.

They are file-stored; they’re in a plist file in the ~user/library/application support/glyphs folder so you can remove any or all of them as you wish. If you delete any you would have to recreate them if you open any of your old files and need them for some reason.

I find it works well the way it is since I will be reusing most of them.

Another option would be to add folders and subfolders for lists similar to the folders Fontlab has for encoding files.

I’m thinking to add local filters. That means you could have a filter.xml next to your .glyphs file. That would make it much easier to collaborate and would solve most of the problems.
Folders would be an obvious solution, too but what would happen if you select the folder item in the list. Would all filters be applied or nothing?

I would not allow all folder contents to apply unless a way is included to de-select one or more of the filters in the folder, such as a checkbox for each item.

Other than that, folders are an excellent idea.

I ran into a similar problem recently where it would have been nice to have certain List Filters being stored in the Glyphs file. Especially when collaborating with other people, this can be a nice way to show things, without interfering withcolor marking strategies.

Or did someone find an appropriate alternative to this?

We are thinking about it. Something similar to the local XML would work for you?

I think this would work, it might be a bit of a messy solution though.
What would you say are the chances of getting List Filters into a Glyphs File some time in the future?

btw how’s this going I wonder :smile:

Is there any news on this @GeorgSeifert?
Would it be possible to implement the version @mekkablue suggested in the meantime?

If implemented, it would be the local XML file. I push it up the list a bit.

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I will add my support to local-level filters (XML is fine, stored in the Glyphs file itself would be even better). I look forward to any updates on this!

How would global and local filters be differentiated in the UI? Would there be an option to toggle global/local?

Working simultaneously – two locations and three computers, I came to this too. When can we expect file based filters implemented?