Glyphs Handbook 2013 is out

We are glad to announce that the new handbook is out and available for download on the Getting Started page:

The latest edition has been substantially improved, sports clickable cross-references and hyperlinks, and now weighs in at almost 100 pages.

If you find typos, please drop me a quick note at mekka at my username dot com, and I’ll correct them as quickly as possible. Bigger changes I will save for the next edition. :wink:

I didn’t find any typo, but I have a suggestion: you could also place in the PDF the links to the videos you have on Vimeo – on the left side of page 8 the link to the one about drawing with the Pen tool, on page 63 the link to the one about spacing, and so on. The movies are really useful to see the things in action and visually recap the written information.

Good idea, I put it on the list for the next edition.
BTW, we’re already planning on new videos.

As a beginner with font editors, I can’t wait for new Glyphs videos! :slight_smile:

I wish there was a “thank you” button in the forum. Thanks for your hard work on this mekkablue. I’m sure I speak for almost everyone here when I say how much your effort on this project is appreciated.

Thanks for your appreciation!

i don’t want to clutter this, but I totally affiliate with Sandy. Thank you so much for all the effort!