Glyphs Library (Characters) Disappeared!

Hi guys,

Just started using this app and it’s a real beaut. However, while kerning some character my entire grammar/symbol/punctuation library disappeared!

No idea where it went. I found a user on this forum that posted the exact same thing in Feb’ 15.

“While kerning some of my uppercase letters my entire glyph library very suddenly disappeared. Even the ‘slots’ for the lower case letters, number, punctuation etc. have all vanished. The bottom bar of the App says I have 0 glyphs.”

GeorgSeifert responded with “He could restore the font with the system build in version feature.” and that seemed to work but I dont understand what that means.

Any help would be much appreciated !

I’m not sure how you triggered this. It happens only very rarely so it is difficult to reproduce.

All you can do now is trying to find an old version of the file. Did you save your file? Saving a new version once in a while guards against those problems. Maybe TimeMachine? Or did you save into DropBox, dropbox stores old versions of each file.

Cheers GeorgSeifert, no idea how I did it! Tried a few things but to no success. I’ve redone a lot of the characters and will just work through them.

Thanks for trying to help though!

It happened the same to me. I press by mistake some shortcut and all the letters disappeared.

What is likely is that you pressed Cmd-F, the search field in the lower right was activated, and the next key you press will trigger a search filter, and only show glyphs that contain what you (accidentally) entered in their names.

I had everything but the basic character set and numerals disappear. I had switched to the text preview mode in a glyph’s tab then back to the global view. The glyphs were gone and the glyph count for Cyrillic, Punctation etc in the side bar had reset to zero.

Using Revert > Previous versions I could see the missing glyphs but the Restore button did not bring them back.

Closing the file and reopening it fixed the problem for me.