Glyphs Mini 2.1.3 strips licence info from font when exporting

I’ve been trying to export a font created in Glyphs Mini to an OTF. Everything works well, except that I find that the “License” information added in the Info tab is being stripped off. When I open the exported OTF in Glyphs Mini, there is just a dash in the License field. The copyright information, on the other hand, is maintained.

The same thing happens if I open the OTF in another font editor. The copyright information is retained, but there is no licence information.

I’m trying to include the SIL Open Font Licence and have tried pasting both the full text of the licence into the License field, and just the URL. Both seem to be removed by exporting to an OTF.

I’m not sure if I’m missing something or if this might be worth looking into further.

Glyphs is not an inspection tool for compiled OTFs. To see if the information made it into the OTF, inspect it with FontTableViewer or OTMaster, not available in the Tools section, the former being a free app.

Thanks. I wasn’t relying solely on Glyphs Mini, but I have since inspected the OTF with FontTableViewer and again I can find no licence information. I’ve tried re-exporting it a few times with just the URL for the SIL OFL and also the full text and nothing. As I said, it’s possible I’m missing something, but I can see at least the licence URL in the “name” table when I generate a font in Font Forge.

We will have a look. Thanks for reporting.

Update: Can confirm the license information is not exported into Name Table ID 13 as it should be. Will file a bug report.

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