Glyphs Mini 2 Beta

Glyphs Mini 2 Beta

We are preparing a major update for Glyphs Mini. Anyone how wants to give it a try, please send an email to (support) at (this domain) or send a DM to @GeorgSeifert.

Biggest Changes

  • Completely reworked, unified user interface with customisable colours
  • Bounding box transformations
  • Lasso Selection tool
  • Pencil tool
  • Webfont export
  • Support for combining marks
  • More automatic OpenType features
  • Path subtraction and intersection

Release FAQ

  • Upgrade from version 1 at 50% of the full price.
  • Grace period starts on 1. November 2016: anyone who buys Glyphs Mini 1 in the grace period can upgrade for free.