Glyphs Mini: Breaks OTF-font after importing

Unfortunately, there’s another bug: When I try to open an OTF font in Glyphs mini (Version 1.0.3 (21)), it breaks some characters. All I did to the font was adding a character. The O isn’t filled any more and (as I reported earlier in another topic), it still doesn’t export component glyphs. This is really a big show-stopper :frowning:
Please help me!!!

Do you mean that the O counter is missing? If the counter is missing, then the path direction is wrong. Select your O and go to Layers > Correct Path Direction.

Can you send us the .glyphs file to support at this domain?

Please keep in mind that OTF is not a saving format, it is better to work with the original files. When you open a compiled font, Glyphs must guess a few things when reverse-engineering the compiled data. When you export a font, a new OTF is generated.

Yes I understand that. All I tried to do here ist to alter the font (add one glyph). Strangely, Glyphs opened the OTF and then silently changed it into a .glyphs file while the original OTF was obviously gone. then I exported the altered OTF and InDesign showed me this:
(you see what it did to the O and the other filled forms?)

Here’s the original Glyphs file:

I really appreciate your help! Thank you!

Ah, and I just corrected the path direction. Sadly, it didn’t alter anything :frowning:

  1. If you take a look at the O, you can see that the extremum points are missing. Select all glyphs and choose Layers > Add Extremes.

  2. How do you install the font? Are you using the Adobe fonts folder?

Also, you may want to read this blogpost if you plan on working on existing fonts in the future:

YAY! The extremes did the trick (beginner’s fault, I assume).
Thank you very much for that!

But still, is there a way to fix the bug with Glyphs not exporting composites? It seems to be the exact same problem as I reported here:


I bet this is fixed in the upcoming Glyphs Mini update.

Wohooow! So I’m looking forward to that update! :slight_smile:
Hope it’s coming soon!
Thanks a lot!