Glyphs Mini bug sample text

Using Glyphs Mini I noticed a recurring issue concerning the Sample Text window.

I open a glyph to edit and type Cmd-Option-F to select a Sample Text. When I select a sample text, change to select a different one and click OK, the application does not allow you to open or close any window, tab or even the application. This does not occur every time but does occur frequently.

The Mac OSX Console app registers this bug with this message:
“5/27/13 9:43:34.236 PM WindowServer[5219]: CGXSetTrackingAreaEnabled : Invalid tracking area 0x10e2e2b70”

I’m running Glyphs Mini (1.0.3 (21)) on a Macbook Pro Early 2013, Mac OSX 10.8.3

It turns out I can easily reproduce it now. The issue happens when I’m editing a glyph, clicking Cmd-Opt-F, select a Sample Text from the list and, instead of pressing the OK button, I close the window with the red cross in the circle in the upper left corner (the standard Mac OSX close-window-bullet). This click closes the Sample Text window, but appears not to handle the close-event correctly since I can’t click anything else anymore and the program needs a force quit and a restart to continue.

This issue will be fixed with the next update that I try to get in the App Store.

Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to it.