Glyphs Mini Bugs & Question


I’m currently TAing a coulee sophomore level type design class. To save money the students are using Glyphs Mini to digitize scanned sketches. When I have a background image imported into the glyph edit view, there seems to be a bug with the scale dimension field: it always returns to 0% no matter what number I put in, whether it is larger or smaller than 100%. (see attached image) I found a workaround, which is to enter the 0%, then move back the blinking cursor and add additional digits. This bug isn’t found in Glyphs full version, and I assume it should not be an intentional limitation.

Also, I can’t seem to change the numerical value in the Font Info view. For example, the field of “descender” will always go blank. It does not even maintain a digit.

Finally, is there a way I can adjust the x-height and baseline line directly in the glyph edit view, instead of having to go back to the Font Info view? You know in FontLab, the guidelines are directly draggable.

I can reproduce the problems with the images but the descender is fine.

The reason why the descender can’t be changed from the edit view is that you only change that very few times in the beginning of the project. When it is editable from the edit view, you only end up changing it by accident.

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Can you also take a look at the background image? When I add a scanned image through “Add Image” and size it to proper scale, the image would always be lost when I save and reopen the file. The glyph edit view would show “image not found”. This only happens in Glyphs Mini, not Glyphs full version.

Also, editing the Alignment Zone would cause Glyphs Mini to quit unexpectedly sometimes.

Please make sure you send the crash reports: Crashes | Glyphs

I found the problem with the info box.

Can you send me the .glyphs file you saved right after adding the image?

I’ve emailed with an attachment.