Glyphs mini does/does not export from 2 different macs


After successfully working with the trial of glyphs for a while on my old mac mini, I got myself the current glyphs mini app (1.5.6) for my newer macbook. All works fine until I want to export the font. The process will never finish, I only can abort the export. No matter if I highlight all checkboxes or none, give a path or choose a directory…
This is on a 3 years old i7 Macbook pro running LION 10.7.5

Knowing that the Glyphs trial worked on my mac mini with core2duo and SNOW LEOPARD 10.6.8, I got a copy of the same Glyphs mini and voilà; I can work with and export my font. So in the end I’m saved. But is there any way my newer computer will work with glyphs mini one day?

It also doesn’t matter how complex the font is. I did a simple three-letter-test and it will not export.

I found some “RAW” files in the apps temp folder though…

Do you find anything in the Console app?

Can you zip the temp folder and send it to me?

I sent an email to info@…

Thank you for the quick response!

Found this line today in the system.log:

sandboxd[9202] ([9145]): Glyphs Mini(9145) deny network-outbound /private/tmp/esets.sock

Switched off the “file execution” in real time scan in ESET and it works.

Might be the problem.