Glyphs mini license

Hey, I have a glyphs mini license since a few years. I have a new macbook now and I would like to use Glyphs mini in my new Macbook. Can you help me with that? How can I transfer the license?

Did you buy the app from this website or from Apples App Store? In the later case, re-download it from the App Store app. Otherwise, send me an email with your purchase details.

Hi George.
Actually, I’m not sure. I bought when I was studying in 2014 . And It was Joana Correia (my teacher at the time) that made some kind of deal with you (glyphs) and bought several licenses.

I downloaded it from the App Store, as you told me. I think it worked fine, but how can I confirm?


The deal was with me directly. Do you still have the license file you got the last time?

No. I can’t find it.

As you told me, I download from the App Store app this time, and I think it is working fine. At least I didn’t receive any trial info. Is there any way to confirm it is 100% working?

Usually, it it runes it is fine.