Glyphs mini say "There is a problem with the SVG file"

The glyphs mini installed my mac, it looks can not accept SVG file. The error occur and popup cames up. -image attached-

The SVG file is outlined.

Would you know what is going worng?

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The SVG contains arc commands. Perhaps open it in AI and resave it.

Thank you for your reply,
I tried. There was no error up but it seems still can not drag and drop.
Is there another way to import SVG file into glyphs mini?

You need to get rid of the arc commands. They need to be replaced by regular path descriptions. In AI, perhaps apply a tiny transformation, perhaps a small scale will already do.

Can you send me one of the .svg files?

Hi, this is the SVG file that facing the problem.

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Which Mini version are you running? It seems to work fine in 2.0.2 (92).

The version of glyphs mini installed in my mac is 1.5.3(41)

Glyphs Mini 1.5 will not be updated anymore. You will have to upgrade to Glyphs Mini 2, or find a different workflow.

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