Glyphs Mini (Version 1.5.7 (49)) still doesn't export and crashes

I updated to the latest version of Glyphs mini: Version 1.5.7 (49) it still crashes often and exporting doesn’t work properly.

I keep getting the error:
"(fontname).otf" couldn’t be copied because you don’t have permission to access “Desktop”.
To view or change permissions, select the item in the Finder and choose File > Get info.

I am quite sure that the permissions in my system are exactly what they should be.

Please please please fix Glyphs mini! It’s a useless app if you can’t export your work!

I have had this app for such a long time and it never worked properly. So frustrating.

(also I can’t find the thread we started about this problem anymore… did you delete it??)

What happens if you uncheck the export destination button and choose the Desktop manually?

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I've only tried it a few times now but it looks like this bug only happens when you have the export destination box checked. I know, and the previous thread (from last week) doesn't show there anymore, or in any searches I do.