Glyphs missing in component list by using custom parameter “Import Font”

Hi, I am working in 1.glyphs, and have imported another Glyphs file 2.glyphs by using “Import Font” parameter.

There are 3 glyphs “acutecomb”, “acutecomb.ss01” (marked in orange) and “iacute” in 2.glyphs.

When I click the name of acutecomb component in a glyph of 1.glyphs, the “acutecomb.ss01” won’t shown in the list.

However, again in the file 1.glyphs, when I do the same thing but in a glyph from 2.glyphs, for example, the “iacute”, “acutecomb.ss01” appears.

Is there a way to show all related glyphs from an imported Glyphs file in this case?

2.glyphs (1.3 KB)
1.glyphs (994 Bytes)

Thanks for the report. I fixed it.

Thanks a lot, Georg! Will it come in the next update?

I have updated to 3144, but haven’t found any changes.

New in Version 3.1.1 (3143)
Fix issue with smart components that use numbers as property

Is it this one?

I fixed it in the code for version 3.2. I fixed it for 3.1.1, too.