Glyphs not appearing in the character map

Please, can someone help me to solve this issue? I’ve selected all the necessary glyphs for my typeface, but not all of them are showing up in the characters’ map. That happens with letters and punctuation, as you can see in the attached images.

What can I do to have these glyphs displayed on the map, please?!


You might have selected a filter in the left sidebar. Click the ‘All’ entry and your glyph should be visible.


Actually, the filter is set to “All”… But all the combining characters are missing (aacute, adieresis etc).

But they are there in your screenshot. Maybe what you mean is the placeholder preview picture supplied by the system font. It only displays if the glyph is entirely empty. Aacute for instance is not empty, but has components of A and acutecomb. If you want them completely empty, select them (all) and choose Edit > Clear.


Ah, ok. That’s right! I didn’t know that, sorry.

Thank you so much!

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