Glyphs notes and instances preview

Is it possible to attach notes on a single glyph ?

I’m asking this because I find it hard to keep track of all the edits I want to do, especially when working with other team members. We have our Glyphs file in a dropbox folder so we always work on the latest version, but if it was possible to comment each glyphs with idea, log changes or suggestions, the same way you can do this on PDF, I think that would greatly help and improve the design process. Even for a single user, it would be great to keep track of the status of each glyph.

Also, I’m using masters to interpolate, and I really like how glyphs visually represents the interpolation lines, but I wonder if it is possible to quickly preview a specific weight without having to export instances. For example, I have a thin and a black master, and I want to check the contrast of the a when it is a medium weight. Right now I have to export the medium instance of the whole font and make sure I only export the right glyphs, open it in glyphs again, type a , to finally see the medium weight. It’s fine as it is, but I imagine Glyphs might be able to show me this in a quicker way than that… or am I missing something ?

Thanks for your time.


The note per glyph are actually there. Only the interface is missing :slight_smile: You can access it in the list mode, right click the header of the table and select the notes column.

If you enable the preview, you get a pulldown where you can select the instances.

I can see the note column, but it’s not yet possible to enter any not yet right?
And I’m not sure I understand what you meant about the instances. WHat do you mean by enabling the preview, and where is the pulldown?


That’s brillant, thanks Georg. And I’ll keep my eyes open for the notes.