Glyphs or Glyphs Mini?

I am a visual designer working 98% of the time on the web and I’ve just started using the trial of Glyphs Mini as a means of moving some of our commonly used iconography into a font. Its kind of a specialized use of the program but will really help to simplify our markup. I am definitely planning on at least buying Glyphs mini but am liking the app so much (particularly in comparison to its competition) that I am considering saving up for the full version. I am not a typographer but playing with Glyphs encourages me to think I could at least experiment in that area.

So, my question is, are there aspects of the full version that I would miss in Glyphs Mini if I were mostly using the software to create specialized iconographic fonts. Also, has anyone started off with that kind of limited use and found it easy to leverage that knowledge into building a typographic font?



The things I’d miss most if i had to do with mini instead of the regular version:

  • Python scripts
  • layers and multiple master (interpolation)
  • plugins
  • custom parameters
    If you buy the full version, I don’t recommend buying it in the AppStore. :slight_smile:

And as for your last question, I recommend taking a class or a workshop to see if it’s something for you. Perhaps you’re a natural :wink:

Will I lose any ligature features already in place if I work on a font using Glyphs Mini? I know I can’t create new ones except automatically.

If your ligature features are all automatically created, it shouldn’t be a problem.

I purchased Glyphs Mini and opened up an icon font I created with the trial version of Glyphs. However, I noticed that the glyphs I created are in the incorrect order. Additionally, when I exported the font, it only outputted five glyphs, even though I have a total of 212 glyphs. When I originally created the font, I set custom Unicode values and checked the “Don’t use nice names” option.

Does Glyphs Mini lack the ability to set custom Unicode names and values and set a custom glyph order?


Any plans to add the ability to set custom Unicode names and a custom glyph order in an upcoming release of Glyphs Mini?

You can use custom unicodes if you use the uniXXXX syntax. You just can’t have custom names.

Georg Seifert
I believe that Glyphs Mini is a great product, however, I wish I knew that Glyphs Mini lacked those features before I purchased your product.

I spent a month designing an icon font set with over 200 glyphs using the Glyphs Trial version, and I was planning to release the font next week.

Perhaps you could outline the differences between Glyphs and Glyphs Mini on your website more clearly, so future customers can make more informed decisions prior to purchasing your product. The features you have on the Glyphs Mini web page is broad and general.

Do you provide an upgrade price to full version of Glyphs?

I really wish that I had not purchased Glyphs through the Apple store. Upgrades and fixes done in a timely manner by Georg take forever to get posted on the Appstore site. This is, sadly, the policy of the AppStore, Georg has done his part quickly.

I was referring to Glyphs Mini, which can only be purchased on the AppStore.

You can upgrade from Mini to the full version.

Yes, I understand that you can upgrade. My question is how do you upgrade from Mini to the full version?

Send me a mail. (info at …)