Glyphs order


I have a question!
Everytime I open a font that was developed in fontlab, the order of the glyphs appear quite strange and states as “Predefined sorting”.
Do you know how can I manage to put all the glyphs in the right order ?

thank you

That happens if you have checked “Keep glyphs names from imported files” in Preferences > User settings.

You can get rid of the “predefined sorting” by deleting the “glyphOrder” in Font Info > Font > Custom Parameters.

Thank you very much, it’s done!
and congratulations on the program, it’s quite amazing!

I cannot delete it out, it’s not even show up in Font info> Custom Parameters. I used to set the custom Parameters in one of the glyph file but then now I think it’s also imprint in every glyph files that I open after that… What should I do :-/

Now I’m using Glyphsapp Version 2.5.2 (1165).

If you open a file, the order is not updated automatically. Select one glyph and run Glyph > Update Glyph Info to trigger the sorting.

It works! Thank you!!