Glyphs produced fonts not embedding into MS Word Template

…but the fonts embed just fine when saved as a Word document, just not when it’s a template format - see screenshot (left template, right document). Seems to work with Adobe (Garamond, Myrid) + Google (Lato) Fonts, so not just an MS issue. Has anyone had any experience of this issue or might know why it’s happening and how it might be fixed?

I’ve run through fontvalidator and only error i’m getting is:
‘E2101 There are undefined bits set in fsSelection field Bit(s) 7’
…any ideas?

Many thanks in advance

I’m exporting as .ttf and fsType embedding is set to ‘installable’ in custom parameters (I’ve also tried saving as ‘editable’ - didn’t work either).

If it works in one case but not in the other, it is most likely a bug in Word.