Glyphs shorcuts with direction key are broken 🥲

I don’t know why; it used to work before, but now, when I set a shortcut with a directional key, it’s not working, and when I close and reopen Glyphs, the directional key is gone from the TextField shortcut.

3.2 (3248)

Only way to fix it is the set directly theses shortcuts in :
System Preferences > Keyboard shortcuts > App Shortcuts

I recently updated to Sonoma; maybe that’s why these shortcuts stopped working suddenly.

Here is what is store in my com.GeorgSeifert.Glyphs3.plist

If I edit manually plist like this, it work :

<key>Show Masters of Next Glyph</key>
<key>Show Masters of Previous Glyph</key>
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Ah, that explains a lot. Thanks for pointing us in that direction. Could be the clue for a bugfix in the near future.

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