Glyphs started working very slow

Hi! Any ideas on why the app started working slowly especially when drawing paths? It just keeps lagging when I’m drawing paths of my letters-(

Did you check the console?
All plug-ins up to date?
Too many view plug-ins working themselves away on too long a sample text?

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It is quite often I see the cursor spinning around when using the pen tool to create nodes, or even simply just using the mouse to move the nodes. There are thousands of glyphs in the font, I wonder if this is a kind of performance issue due from the memory.
note: Quite slow when working on the UFOs. Better performance when working on the TTFs.

Who many characters do you have open in the edit view?

What do you mean by “working on the TTFs”? You should work in .glyphs files and only export to .ttf to use them outside of Glyphs. Don’t use them as a storage format.

Do you have any plugins installed?