Glyphs > UFO Issues

  1. Local guides not retained between .glyphs <-> UFO, is it possible to keep them?

  2. When working on a .glyphs file that has changes, then I save as .UFO: changes in the original .glyphs file will be lost and only reflected in the UFO. But then some things are lost (like local guides).

  3. Is it possible to access the other layers from Glyphs app in Robofont? I guess I should ask RF.

  1. can you send me a .ufo from RF with local guides?
  2. this is what should happen. Maybe you should ‘export’ the .ufo instead of saving?
  3. can you try the latest cutting edge version?
  1. Yes
  2. I will do that next time
  3. I’m on 759, I think maybe it’s not possible right now since RF layers are font level whereas GA are per glyph. But I see that a UFO saved from GA will retain the layers if opened in GA again.

I implemented it.