Glyphs version 3 Smart Component bugs

Resubmitting with category selected and also for some reason it didn’t show up in my comments.

In version 2 when you add a master, all the layers and setup of Smart Components are copied to the new master. In version 3 nothing is copied, which is a great loss in time saving. Also, it is not possible to manually add layers properly to a smart component. In version 2 in smart components, there are 3 options to link layers to properties; 1) link layer to bottom limit, 2) link layer to top limit, and 3) no link. In version 3 these have been changed to check boxes. It is possible to select either the bottom limit or top limit check box, but it is not possible to deselect both check boxes so that no link is established between a property and a layer, which is essential for a multi-property setup (when converting from version 2 to version 3, both check boxes come through unchecked, but it is not currently possible to do this in version 3). Also, it would be useful if these check boxes were labeled so that you could easily tell which check box is which, rather than have to experiment and figure it out. Also, the new setup font and check box size doesn’t quite fit into the dialog box, which makes it hard to use without scrolling the dialog or clicking on the edge of a partly obscured check box. The new version, with so many great improvements, will be fantastic, once bugs like these are worked out. Thanks.