Glyphs Viewer on iOS 10

this is just an FYI: when launched on iOS 10, the OS pops up a warning that “the app isn’t 64-bit and therefore may impact the rest of the system.”

it doesn’t impact the system (I’ on an iPad mini 2) as far as I can see, but I wanted to let you know before you get a deluge of the same message next month when iOS 10 comes outta beta.

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Thanks. I’ll have a look.

hi all. Glyphs Viewer is now no longer previewing my work at all on IOS 10.0.2 on an iphone 5s or iPad Mini 2. it finds and connects to Glyphs, but onyl shwos a white screen.

this hasn’t been updated for a while; do you plan on supporting it moving forward? I use it a lot, and if the viewer’s not worth your time to update, I’d rather go ahead and adjust myself to another workflow.

An update is in the pipeline.

good to know. thank you!