Glyphs vs. Adobe screen rendering differences

Hi All

I’m working on a typeface style with a lot of shading detail. Glyphs, renders these details beautifully with all sizes remaining clean and crisp. However, tests in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign (particularly AI) show a lot more banding and moiré issues.

Below I’ve attached some a pair of screenshots using same colours and approximately the same size. (Glyphs top)
Can you shed any light on the differences with rendering that might help me account for the differences?

Did you disable autohinting on export? That can cause serious distortions.

Thanks. I have yes.
Enlarging the shaded letters in the Adobe software shows everything is perfect. It seems to be an difference in how they interpret the shapes when small. Any ideas on how they might vary?

Different apps employ different renderers. Differences are to be expected.