Glyphs with multiple components


I’m currently working on a modular typeface and I have different glyphs for diferent parts. The idea is to define categories for base drawings on the other hand and serif ones on the other.

Since the possibilities of combinations are quite big I would like to write something that would assemble these modules automatically like Glyphs does with characters with diacritics. I guess this has to do with the database but I’m not sure and I would like to know what’s the bes way-to-go.


That depends where you get the component info from.
Either write a script or produce a list of glyphs recipes and paste it into the Generate Glyphs dialog.

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I was planning on doing it via a script but I think it would work better if I do recipes.

Also, since there are modules that can be at 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees I was wondering whether there’s an option to make recipes that can apply rotated components or if I could apply the same module multiple times (f.e.: if it has to go to the top left and the bottom left part of a base character), like in the following image.

The recipes don’t support transformations of the components.

The script solution has the advantage that you can find your own syntax and customise it was you need it.

The simplest script can do this:

Layer.setComponentNames_(["A", "B", "C"])

The docu has some code samples that should get you started.

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Cool! Then I think I can do something with this documentation.


Hi again,

Would this attribute of component be helpful in this situation too?

The anchor stores the selection of the anchor button in the info box. If there are more than one anchor a mark could attach, too.