Glyphs with no Unicode, glyph order, GID

Glyphs 2.6.1 b1204, macOS 10.12.6
When I make a precomposed glyph finalkafsheva-hb, which does not have a Unicode value, it appears last in my character set, and not where I defined it in glyphOrder.

My personal glyphData.xml file has:
<glyph unicode="" name="finalkafsheva-hb" decompose="finalkaf-hb, sheva-hb" category="Letter" script="hebrew" production="05DA05B0" altNames="" description="" />

When I give it a PUA Unicode value, the character set is exported in the right order.
Another ‘custom’ glyph, hyphen.h, which isn’t in either glyphData files, has no Unicode value, but appears in the correct order. What is causing this, and how can this be fixed?

Did you use the custom parameter glyphOrder?

Yes, in the Font tab of Font Info.
I should clarify: the character set changes in the exported font, not in the Glyphs file.

Possible that the encoding order takes precedence.

There is a some small issue with the glyphData (probably unrelated to your question).
The production name should be uni05DA05B0.

If you call the glyph finalkaf_sheva-hb You would not need a custom glyph data.

And why do you have that glyph in the first place. Can’t you handle it by mark positioning?

@mekkablue Encoding order? Where can I see that?
@GeorgSeifert Thanks. I’ll try this new name. This precomposed version has a left sidebearing different from that of final kaf.