Glyphs won't get exported after adding new ones

Hi there,

I am trying out Glyphs App because I want to add some new icons to an icon font.
I am using Twitter Bootstrap for my website and use the icon font (Glyphicons Halflings) that came with it. Now I want to add some of my own icons to the font file.

I open the .ttf font, duplicate it so I can edit the file, and export to see what the export looks like.
After I open the just created .otf file everything is fine. Please note that I did nothing to the file, I just opened the ttf, duplicated it and exported it.

When I add another Glyph (I add an A for example), and I export it again, only my newly created A is being exported! All the glyphs that were in the original file, are not there once I add another glyph!

What do I do wrong?

Kind regards,
Peter Goes

I do not really understand what you are doing. Can you send me the .glyphs file (to support at this domain)?

TTF is not a saving format. So your assumption that you ‘did nothing to the file’ is wrong. What you actually did was: import it to Glyphs, edit the imported data (not the original file anymore), then export a completely new font file. What is unclear in your description is which file you added the A to.

Please read this: