Glyphs won't launch

Hi - Had a break from fonts for a couple of weeks. Running 10.10.5. Nothing odd except glyphs won’t launch. I did back it up (remove from desktop) onto GoogleDrive then copy back but can’t get it to launch at all now.

Please help thanks.


Please re-download the app.

I just downloaded the app and it won’t launch. It thanks me for registering the app, then does nothing. Can anybody help? I’m running 10.11.5

UPDATE: Nevermind, fixed it.

I just tried to re-download Glyphs after getting “Beta 30 days old, expired” message but it still gives the same er message?

Are you sure you started the latest version and not accidentally the old one?

It says it was downloaded on April 13, 2018.

That version number you have in the .zip?