Glyphs2, Rename Glyphs gives a Traceback

Hi, I’m running Glyphs2 Version 2.6.7 (1359) on macOS 12.3, Monterey. I’ve looked at and followed the very clear instructions on how to make it all work (thank you @mekkablue!), including the installation of Python, Modules (via Preferences) and the latest version of the Scripts (via git).

When I try to run mekkablue’s Rename Glyphs I get the following Traceback:

  File "/Users/mister/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Scripts/vanilla/", line 505, in action_

  File "/Users/mister/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Scripts/mekkablue/Rename", line 95, in RenameGlyphsMain

NameError: global name 'Glyphs' is not defined

Can you give me a hint what I’m doing wrong.

Have you restarted your Mac since the installation of all the fresh modules?

I tried that just now but I get the same Traceback.

Can you try the latest cutting edge version?

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Thanks, that worked!