Glyphs3 crashing and won't open after installing Plugin

Hi, after installing plugins on Glyphs3. Glyphs3 just won’t start. i have to do a clean uninstall or remove the plugin to make it work again.


  1. Start without plug-ins (hold down Opt+Shift, see Crashes tutorial).
  2. Can you try and find out which plug-in causes the crashes?

These Plugins are causing the Crash (each of these, everytime i put in PLUGINS folder it crashes)

  • Kern-A-Lytics
  • Red Arrow
  • Scrambler
  • Show Rotated
  • Skedge
  • Sync Metric Keys

Screen Shot 2021-01-04 at 22.02.08


Hi! Same here, we are having problems after plugin asked for Python 3.

We installed:
· Show stem thickness
· Scramble
· Backdrop
· Kernkraft

Hi! The same happened to me. Opt+shift is not working anymore. I’ve deleted all the plugins from the file but it is still not working

Try installing from the Plug in Manager > Modules > Python and Vanilla

I have experienced similar issue:
After installing some plug-ins, and launching GlyphApp again, a message pops up: “an installed plug-in requires Python 3.”
After installing modules > Python, and launching GlyphApp again, then it does not open.
v 3.0.2 (3052)

What version of MacOS do you have?

Are you sure you are pressing the right keys during startup? Option is sometimes labeled ‘Alt’ or has the symbol ⌥. And the Shift key has the outlined arrow ⇧ on it.

Working on 10.14.6

Just to be sure: Glyphs starts but the plugin manager, will not open? Can you check the if you find anything there (search for ‘Glyphs’) to get rid of the other messages.

Glyphs does not start. A pop up message " Glyph closed unexpectedly". Therefore, nothing can be opened.
It happened after installing modules > Python, and launching GlyphApp again.
v 3.0.2 (3052) Mac OS 10.14.6
Find enclosed the report.
log.pdf (85.2 KB)

Can you send the log as a .txt file. The text is messed up in the .pdf.

uploading .txt files is not accepted.
Do you want me to copy and paste the whole content?

Then zip it. (26.1 KB)


I can tell for sure that it is a reporter plugin that causes the crash.

Thanks, Georg!
I will try to find out which plugin is, and avoid installing it.

Please send me a zip of the repo folder of that plugin.