Glyphsapp in Mac OS Sierra (10.12)

Hello (sorry my english), I have installed the new OS and I’m trying download and instal Glypphsapp and it doesn’t work. My computer is new, so I don’t think I have space problems. It takes several time and makes other applications very slow. When this happens, I’ve to force quit. Am I the only one who have problems installing the software?

  1. You need one of the recent betas, try this one: (and activate Cutting Edge in Glyphs > Preferences > Updates.
  2. Move the app into the Applications folder. Sierra won’t let the app run otherwise.

Everyone updated to the latest OS Sierra?
Still haven’t updated and curious if I can without having problems with Glyphs.

Not me. In fact I downgraded from 11.6 back to 10.10.5 because of continuing problems.

I use 10.12 since it came out. Do you mean you have problems with the system in general or with Glyphs on that system. And what problems do you had?

I didn’t have problems with Glyphs, just other things in general. To be fair, it was the early days of Sierra so today I would be more inclined to upgrade rather than downgrade. In fact, I have thought about it recently but just haven’t done it.

So it’s safe to Upgrade. Thank you!