Grave accent smaller than acute in SOME apps

A weird issue came up:
we noticed that the grave accent of MonoLisa renders significantly smaller than the acute accent in some apps (v2.011). It looks correct in Glyphs.

Wrong: TextMate, Apple Fontbook (pic), TextEdit, Fontexplorer

Correct: Indesign (pic), Affinity Publisher, Font Gauntlet

Interesting sidenote: The grave accent is a mirrored component from the acute. I have not touched the accents or diacritics since 2.010 and in this version everything looks perfect in all cases above.

That might be a path direction problem. Can you check that in the final file?

I experienced exactly that caused by flipped components.

The path directions in the static and variable files are counterclockwise and the accents have the right size.

I would strongly recommend avoiding transformed components (such as flips), at least for TTFs. You can use a filter on export like my very simple Decompose Transformed Components filter: GitHub - eweracs/decompose-transformed-components

Are you using TTFs or OTFs?

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Really @GeorgSeifert ? Can you apply some automagic to fix this? Every time we have to turn components into paths it’s adding more time to production and maintenance tasks.

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I will use your filter to fix this – thank you!

Still I am wondering why an older version of my font renders perfect in contrast to a newer one while not having touched the accents in the process. Wondering if the latest version of Glyphs handles this differently? @GeorgSeifert

Mirrored components should be decomposed already. At least they are in the test font I just set up. Can you send me the file where it doesn’t happen?

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File sent. THX @GeorgSeifert !!