Gravebelowcomb U+0316 won't go to the correct location

I’m trying to make the gravebelowcomb work, with no luck so far.

The _bottom anchor ought to join the bottom anchor on the other letters, I think. Even the previews are working. But I can’t find a single application where the mark is positioned correctly using the exported font:



Screenshot 2023-05-20 at 15.23.36


Screenshot 2023-05-20 at 15.24.43

In every case, it looks like the _bottom anchor of U+0316 is matched with the top anchor of the other glyph.

What am I doing wrong?

I’m using 3.2 (3192)

Can you show the anchors in the ‘U’?

There’s a top, a bottom, and a topright and an ogonek

Can you send me the file?

And can you check if there is another anchor below the _button anchor?

Sure thing, I’ll send it Monday, I switched the computer off now :grinning:

Hi Georg, did you manage to reproduce this?

(I was having some Apple Mail issues earlier this week; I hope it eventually made it through…)

I don’t see your email. Can you send it again?

You have several mark glyphs that have _bottom and _top anchors. That is not allowed (technically it is, but not with the current mark feature code. And it will produce unpredictable results – you never know if the mark will be above or below.

I added an error message for this.

Thanks for the help, Georg. I’ve fixed those other marks. But your explanation doesn’t seem to apply to this U0316 mark, which has just a single anchor, _bottom, and the U has just top and bottom anchors.

Edit: Actually, first I’m going to reboot everything and tidy up, it’s possible I’ve got cacheing problems.

There is an issue with the way the mark feature is written that is triggered by the duplicate marks in the other glyphs.

Ok, thanks, Georg! I’ll see how my tidying up goes.