Grid snapping issue when exporting to .otf or .ttf

I created a typeface setting a grid to 0 and 0 subdivisions. When I try to export my typeface to .otf or .ttf, all my glyphs distort and snap to a grid.

how can I avoid this?


TrueType can’t handle fractional coordinates. How did you verify the coordinates in the CFF?

I just saw that my typeface has a lot of distortions but I didn’t verify the coordinates in the CFF. I don’t know what it means…

I set up my grid to zero-zero, but when I open my .otf file on glyphs, my grid has an spacing of 1-1.

Is there a way to fix that?

The grid settings are not stored in the .otf file. But the coordinates should still have the fractional values. I think I can add some heuristic to derive the grid from the coordinates.

wao I don’t understand :sweat_smile:

Here is my file:

It means: how did you know that the .otf file (a.k.a. CFF = compact font format) did not have distortions?

Best to test in Adobe apps:

In short: a grid smaller than 1/1 is only possible in CFF. TTF does not support it. Careful though. There are some problems with QuarkXPress (messes up PDF creation) and some old printer drivers.