Grid step of zero

I’m experimenting with a script font that has many extremely fine intersecting lines. In order to keep these exact i’ve begun using a grid step of zero. Before I get too deep into this project are there any known issues or downsides to having a zero grid step and nodes/handles not applied to the grid? Any info appreciated.

This might be a good start on the topic:

Thanks for that, I had read that when it was published which is possibly why I decided to give this technique a try in the first place. My only slight concern is basically: Are their findings specific to the AFDKO or will glyphsapp behave in the exact same way? And aside from file size will doing this using specifically glyphsapp throw up any disadvantages or issues? Cheers.

The problem is only PDF creation in some versions of Quark XPress.

There was also a small floating point rounding error that sometimes could add up and become visible at the start point, but which is circumvented now. A grid step of zero is now in fact 0.01.


Brilliant, thank you, thats very good to know.